Advanced Options

Advanced Options includes question validations.


You can add Help tips for each Survey Question. Help Tips are text you can set to guide respondents during the survey. For example, if you think you may need to clarify a term used in a question, you can use a tip to clarify the term.


If you want to make any question mandatory for respondents during survey, tick the Is Required box.


You can sort the options alphabetical wise by ticking on Sortable.


To separate the Question with a horizontal line, ‘tick’ the Add Question Separator? option.


You can choose the display option either from Vertical or Horizontal.



Note: Different Question Types have different question validation and options.


As you save the Template, you will redirect to Survey Template Detail View.


You can edit questions of the template at any time, but editing limitations apply once the survey has been sent to targeted audience.


Once you ‘Save’ a survey template, you will be able to create multiple Surveys using that template.

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