Adding and Editing Questions in the survey form

The first step to building your survey is adding questions to your survey page. When you add a question to your survey, review the Answer Type options and settings to fine tune each one to meet your needs.



Survey Rocket provides various answer types for Survey form:


Survey Question Types Description
Multi Select List Allows your respondent to choose one answer (or multiple answers) from your list of choices.
Dropdown List Provide a dropdown list of answer choices for respondents to choose from. Use the dropdown question when you need to ask multiple choice question, single answer question but want to save space.
Rating Use a Rating Answer type if you want respondents to evaluate something based on your question.
Textbox Add a single textbox to your survey when you want respondents to write in a short text or numerical answer to your question. Also allows setting data type like integer, floating, charring limit.
Comment Textbox Use the comment or essay box to collect open-ended, written feedback from respondents.
Contact Information This is the collection of multiple short text or numerical answers with a single question. Use this question type to collect a respondent’s relevant contact information, including name, address, email, and phone number.
Radio Button Provides a Radio button list of answer choices for respondents to choose from. Also allows adding image as the answer option.
Checkbox Allows your respondent to select one or multiple answers from your checkbox list of answer choices. Also allows adding image as the answer option.
Scale This a single-row rating scale which allows evaluation based on weight. A Rating Scale question, commonly known as a Likert Scale, is a variation of the Matrix question where you can assign weights to each answer choice.
Matrix/Grid This is a multi-row checkbox or radio button field. You can set the matrix question to collect multiple answers or only one answer per row. You also have the option to turn the matrix question into a rating scale when you want to assign weights to respondents’ answers.
Date/Time Allows respondents to enter a specific date and/or time.
Attachment The attachment question type allows you to have your respondents upload a file as part of their survey response.
Boolean Allows respondents to switch something on or off. Respondents can choose between Yes OR No using a checkbox.
Image Let’s you insert an image into your survey by uploading an image file or specifying the URL of an image on the web.
Video Let’s you insert a video into your survey by specifying the URL of a video on the web.
Rich Text Box Add additional text in a survey form and edit them using the rich text box option.
Emojis Use 5-point rating scale to evaluate rating based on range of sentiments from negative to neutral to positive.
NPS Let’s you collect responses and segment them on a 0-10-point scale into promoters, passives and detractors.



To add a question to a page, just Drag & Drop that question type to the survey page


Advanced Options includes question type settings and validations. You can also add Help tips for each Survey Question. Help Tips are text you can set to help guide respondents during the survey. For example, if you think you may need to clarify a term used in a question, you can use a tip to clarify the term.


You can make any question mandatory for respondents during survey. Check the ‘Is required’ box in Advanced Option to make a question mandatory.


Once you enter all necessary information, click on ‘Save’. It will redirect you to Survey Template Detail View.


Once you save a survey template, you will be able to create multiple surveys using that template. In Survey Template Detail View, you will see a Drop-down arrow besides the Edit button at top right corner. By selecting ‘Create Survey’ Option from the list you can create a survey using that template.


You can edit questions at any time, but editing limitations apply once the survey has been sent to targeted audience.


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