Image & SEO Optimizer



You may have hundreds or even thousands of product and collection images, as well as homepage banners and blog images for the Shopify store. Image Optimizer is one of the all-in-one apps of AppJetty CommerceXpand that will compress the images and manage the image data like Filenames & Alt Tag by configuring the Image Optimization settings. It provides image compression so that your page load times remain low. You can make your images SEO-friendly by creating relevant image filenames and alt tags for them.


Benefits of Image & SEO Optimizer

-> Get the Image Optimizer Analytics
Get the details of the optimized images on the dashboard with percentage and pie chart graphics

-> Fast & Smooth Loading
By image compression, make the store load faster  without compromising the image quality

-> SEO-friendly Images
Optimize your images for SEO by renaming your images and ALT tags for Products, Collection & Blog

-> Enable Auto settings
Configure the pattern of the Alt tag & Filenames for Products, Collection & Blog and set automatically to the newly added images

-> Optimize by Image types
Optimize the specific images by sorting the image types

-> Optimize images in bulk
Optimize the images by multiple selections

-> Optimization Process
Check the status of the optimization process


– Shopify Admin Login.

– Shopify eCommerce Store’s link.

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