By clicking on the “Dashboard”, you will get the analytics of the “Image Optimizer”.

You can see the “Total No. of action performed” for all the Images:

->  Images Compressed

-> Files Renamed

-> Alt Tag Renamed

-> Total MBs saved after compressing the images


You can see the image optimization ratio in percentage for ‘Compression’, ‘File Name’ & ‘Alt Tag’.

You can see the ratio comparison of the total images in the ‘Pie chart’ for the Products, Collections, Assets & Articles. By hovering the mouse on a pie chart, you will get the details as well.

From the Dashboard, there are two ‘quick action’ options are provided:

-> Start Compression: By clicking on this action, it will start the image compression for all the images.

Note: “Image compression” is a major part of image optimization. It is how you take a large image and turn it into a smaller one.


-> Running Optimization: By clicking on this action, you will be navigated to the ‘Running Process’, from where you can check the currently running process if any.

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