Image Optimization actions

Under the ‘Action’ option, by clicking on the down arrow  you can perform the following operations regarding the image optimization:

-> Compress

-> Optimize Alt Tag

-> Optimize Filename

-> Restore


– You can perform just two operations for the “Asset” type images: “Compress” & “Restore”. The image “Filename” & “Alt Tag” will not support the Asset typed images.

– You will get the “Restore” option only when you have already optimized the images.


If any action is not performed of the image optimizer, you will get the Not Optimized status for the specific operation.

You can perform any operation for individual image records. Click on the down arrow, you will get the 4-options to perform any optimization operations.

Ex. For the Collection type image, the Alt Tag is not optimized, so by clicking on the “Optimize Alt Tag” option, you can update the Alt Tag for that image. The Alt Tag will be updated as per the configuration as per the Alt Tag image pattern.

Once the operation is performed you will get the success message.



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