CommerceXpand- Dashboard

Once you navigate to the CommerceXpand Dashboard, you will get the analytics of “Image Optimizer”, “Bulk Editing operations”, and “available Emails”. Based on the records, you can check the availability of the actions performed and you can manage and keep your eCommerce store updated.


You can also purchase extra plans:


–  Emails to send Abandoned Checkouts and Back in Stock alert emails to customers,


Bulk Edits to edit the product details  in bulk, and 


Image Optimizer to edit and optimize the images (Compose, Tag & Filename). Restoring the images will also be calculated in Image Optimizer records.


Click on Purchase More Email / Edits / Image Optimization > to purchase extra plans.


By clicking on it, you will get the Extend Plans popup to purchase extra Emails, Bulk editing, or Image Optimization. You will get the plan details from the drop-down option individually.

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