Translator Configuration

On the left side under the APPJETTY EXTENSIONS tab click on “AppJetty Language Translator”, you can see its configuration sections. [1]


Enabled: Select ‘Yes’ to enable the Language Translator extension. The extension is disabled by default.


Google API key: It is used to translate the data. (Note: Use this link to generate the Google API key –


Enter Daily Quota: Enter the daily limit specified in your Google Billing Amount. You will also get the “Available Today’s Daily Quota” (Real-Time), so that you can manage translations per quota availability.


Enter Safe Limit: Enter a daily safe limit to avoid the errors while translating the content.


Note: It must be less than the value entered in Enter Daily Quota field. And, if the daily limit exceeds for the day it will continue the rest of the process on Next Day.


The Daily Limit works as per the below example: – If the limits set in the configuration are as below: Daily Quota = 1000000 Safe Limit = 1


The Equation would be:
Daily Quota limit – Safe Limit = Daily Quota Based on the equation: 1000000 – 1 = 999999 The daily translation limit would be 999999 characters



Language Translate From-To selection


Language you want to translate your website to: Translate the product data, category data, CMS page, CMS block, review fields and Meta data in defined language. If language has been not specified, then it will be translated in current locale language. [2]


Note: If you select ‘Current locale’ then by default it will use current locale language.


Translate From: Translate from a specific language. If you select ‘Auto Detect’ then it will automatically detect the language (Note: If you specified ‘Auto Detected’ then language will be detected automatically).


Translate Button Label: Enter the text to be displayed on the Translate button.


Note: You must select the Translate Language To and Translate Language From options to translate the mass products and newly added products.



Mass Product Translation


Admin can enable the Mass products translation for multiple store view. [3]


Tallow mass products translation in multiple store view: By enabling this option, all products will be translated for the selected all stores.

Select Store view: Select the Store to allow translating the mass products.


Mass Translation of new products


Admin can enable the mass translation for new products as per the selected stores. [4]


Allow mass translation of new products in multiple store view: By enabling this option, the newly added product will be translated for the selected stores.


Select Store view: Select the ‘Store’ to allow the newly added product translation only for them.


Note: To translate the ‘mass products’ and ‘newly added products’ for the selected store, admin must have selected the “Translate Language To” and “Translate Language From”.



Old Module Translation


Admin can translate old products that are not translated even after the extension installed. [5]


Translate not translated from module installation: By enabling this option, the old products that are not translated yet even after the extension is installed, will be translated.



Send Email upon translation


Admin can enable the Email functionality for getting the mail notification when mass translation is completed. [6]


Send mail upon successful mass product translation cron: Enable this option to send a mail notification once mass product translation is successfully completed.


Select Email Template: Select the required ‘Email Template’ format to send mail notification of successfully completed translation.


Select Mass Translation Cron To Send Mail: Select the mass translation of that cron to send the mail notification when the translation process is completed.


Email Notification ID: Insert the Email ID to get the notification mail upon successful completion of mass translation. Admin can also add multiple mail IDs separated by a comma.



Fields Translation


Admin can choose fields that are to be translated for Products, CMS Pages & Categories. [7]


Translate Fields: Translate specific fields for the product module.


CMS Page Translate Fields: Translate specific fields for CMS Page. [8]


Category Translate Fields: Translate specific fields for the Category module.



Manage Translation


Admin can manage the translations in various ways: [9]


Enable Translate in all Store view: Select ‘Yes’ to perform translation in all store view. It will translate all products with category.


Do you want to translate all products again? Select ‘Yes’ to translate all the products again. This will eliminate the chances of skipping any product from the translation including the products already translated.


Batch Size to translate: Enter the number of products to be translated at a particular time.


Calculate Characters: To calculate and view the number of characters based on product configurations selected click on ‘Calculate Character Count’ button.