Installation Steps

Manual Installation (Installing Magento 2 extension by copying code)


Step 1:


For Windows OS:


Go to <your Magento install dir>/app/code. Under that, create the folders using the following hierarchy:




– Translator



For Linux OS:


Enter the following commands keeping their order:


cd <your Magento install dir>/app/code


mkdir -p Biztech/ Translator



After this, find the Download Zip and extract all files and folders in Biztech/Translator.



Step 2:


After the successful installation you have to run the command on the Magento2 root directory-
“php bin/magento setup:upgrade”


If you see a blank page or permission error, go to Terminal (Linux)/ Command Prompt (Windows).


cd [magento root directory][var]


run the following command


$ chmod –R 777 *



Step 3:


After running the command, log into the admin panel and clear the Cache. Go to SYSTEM -> Tools (section) -> CACHE MANAGEMENT to clear the cache.



Step 4:


After successful installation, you can see the ‘AppJetty Language Translator’ under APPJETTY EXTENSIONS tab inside STORES -> CONFIGURATION.




Installation via Composer


Step 1:


Create a new folder on your preferable server path. Add Extension zip archive into the created folder.



Step 2:


Use Your SSH details to connect to your server. After connecting to the SSH, change your working directory path with one of your Magento setup path using below command.



Step 3:


Now you have to define the folder with the extension’s archive as a repository for composer reference. For this, run the Composer command:
composer config repositories.biztech artifact /ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_ZIP_Archive_FOLDER/


For Example:
composer config repositories.biztech artifact /Packages/Biztech/


After executing this command, it will automatically add Repository Details in composer.json file.



Step 4:


Perform the following command for installation of the module:
composer require biztech/translator



Step 5:


After successful installation using the above command, you can verify the module status using the below command:
php bin/magento module:status

You can check the newly added module in the List of disabled modules.



Step 6:


Now you can upgrade your setup using the below command:
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

It will enable the module and it should be doing the automated process required by Magento.



Step 7:


You can now compile the modules using the below command:
php bin/magento setup:di:compile



Step 8:


In case you have to update our extension from a composer, you can use the below command:

composer update biztech/ translator


But before using that command, you should have placed the latest Extension zip archive into the



After executing the above command your module is updated and now you just have to run the upgrade command same as step 6 and compile command same as step 7.