Language Translator



Language Translator translates important content of Magento 2 ecommerce store to any language supported by Google APIs. Just integrate Google API with Language Translator and one can proceed. One can easily install and configure this extension in e-commerce store. With the use of this extension one can translate the product attributes and Meta details of a specific page from one language to another through CRON processes. It will boost your sales as it will reach wider range of people using their regional language. It helps to manage multi-lingual stores more efficiently. It is a must extension for store owner who runs an e-store supporting multiple languages.




Benefits of Language Translator


Helps manage stores having multiple audiences to target.


Helps customers understand your products better as it will be in their regional language.


Convert CMS page details like Page Title, Content Heading, Content and Meta Details in any language.


Translate reviews from one language to another.


Search and translate any string of the store.


Translate the custom module data


Mass translation for multiple store fields will be carried through CRON or Console.


Check the CRON Log of the translations


Mass Translate Product In all store view


Translate Automatic new added products


Set Daily Character Limit for the translation and Set Safe Limit to be kept during translation.


Check the available quota on daily basis in real-time.


Calculate number of characters for product based on the attributes selected.


Send email once the mass translation process is successfully completed.






Admin needs to add Google API Key to run this extension.


Please make sure to have backup of your database before proceeding with mass translation.