About Australia Post Shipping



Australia Post Shipping is helpful for merchants as they can use it for domestic and international shipping purposes. It provides functionality to post letters as well as parcels and automatically reflects any changes that take place in Australian Delivery Post rates. One can also calculate the rates for domestic and international rates as well as letters that are to be shipped from Australia to overseas. Once you integrate it, your customers can track the shipments through a provided shipment tracking id. Australia Post Shipping also enables the admin to generate labels for orders after generating shipment for store orders.


Benefits of Australia Post Shipping


Enables Australian merchants to provide customers with an enhanced buying experience.


Adds value to an online store and makes shipping process smooth.


Shippers can make the most out of appropriate, high quality, and reasonable shipping solutions.


Generate Printing Labels for store orders after generating shipments.


Facilitate your customers to track the shipment details of parcels.


Automatically update rates according to Australia Post Shipping guidelines.


Offer support for both domestic and international, parcels as well as letter packages.


Allows customers to choose shipping methods based on cost.


Set shipment handling charges and offer multiple shipping methods for shipments.


Provide shipment tracking facility through emails.


Generate and print labels for shipment with Australia Post logo


Provides address validations for the shipping addresses.


Get extra services like pre-defined satchels for parcels through Satchel Services.


Users can view the Shipping service as having the cheapest rates.


Services like ‘Signature on Delivery’ and Extra Cover for the shipments.






The user should have an account at Australia Post, as the Australia Post API key is required to make the extension work.


To view the Live Rates, user must have PAC API key and in case you don’t, you can obtained from here: https://developers.auspost.com.au/apis/pacpcs-registration.


For Contract Rates, Shipment Generation, and Label Generation, the user must have a Shipping and Tracking API Key and in case you don’t, you can obtain it from here: https://developers.auspost.com.au/apis/st-registration. All the required details of the API key will be available at your email address.





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