App Settings

User can manage various settings for the Magneto 2 store mobile application by clicking on Settings.


From Settings page, user can manage the following things: (Left screenshot)


Notifications: They can Enable/Disable the notification preferences based on which notification they want to get.

Note: Enable/Disable the notification appearance only available in Android App. While iOS does not allow to enable/disable specific notification. In iOS either we can disable all /enable all notifications.


Select Store: They can switch between multiple stores by tapping the ‘Store View’ dropdown icon.


Offline Data: Users will have the option to manage the following Offline Data:


Show Recently Viewed Products: Enable ‘Recently View Products’ list and Clear it


Show Search History: Enable ‘Search History’ and Clear Search History.


Reset Application: It will Clear the cache memory, remove the permission from the app and make it new installed.


Share this Application: Share the Application link to another user.



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