Deep Linking (Product Sharing)

Sometimes Web links don’t work with native mobile apps. So, the ‘Deep Linking’ comes in the picture.


Deep Links allows mobile app to push to a specific page within an app versus simply opening it.


If two users have MageMob App Builder application installed on their phone and they want to share products to each other, one user shares the product URL from the sharing option from the product detail page to the second user.


A link will be shared via any messenger.


2nd User will get that shared product link in messenger. (Left screenshot)


Now, if 2nduser clicks on the URL which is sent by the 1st user and have application installed on the phone, User will be redirected directly to the detail page of that product in the application. (Right screenshot)


Note: If app is not installed, either it will redirect to the play store or open in the web browser.



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