Dashboard Screen (Home Page)

After configuring the layouts in Manage Home Page Layout from Magento Backend, the dashboard screen will be displayed as per the configured sequence in Edit Layout from the backend.


On the header, there are mainly navigation points in the menu:

> Category Menu

> Search Product

> HOME icon

> Notification icon

> Cart



> Category Menu  


By clicking on icon, the drawer will slide from the left.


The menu drawer consists of the Product Categories and their subcategories that are configured from the backend.


The header of the drawer menu contains the details of User profile. For the Logged in users, it provides modules like Wish List , Orders & Addresses .

Note: If user is not logged in, it will display as Welcome, Guest!


User can select the Website, Store & Currency which are configured from the backend.


Menu drawer will also consist of CMS Pages which are selected from the backend configuration:

> About Us

> Contact Us

> Our Policy

> FAQs

From where user will be able to navigate to various CMS pages.



> Home Page: Search Product


User can search the Product by pressing search icon .


User will get the last searched 5-products in the dropdown list under the Search product text box.


User can search any product by inserting the name, caption or SKU of the product.


User can search any product using Barcode Scanner which is enabled from the Stores -> Configuration -> Search with Barcode Scanner option under the General Configuration.


Also, ‘voice search’ is available for searching products for both Android and iOS.



> Magento Home icon 


By tapping on this  icon, user will redirect to the home page (Dashboard) from any page in the app with the latest updates.



> Notification 


By clicking on notification icon, user can check the notification related to orders and its status.


Notifications can be removed by pressing Clear All.


In this page, some notification tabs are highlighted with blue color, it shows that notifications are unread, others are already read by user.


By swiping left it will show the ‘delete’ icon to remove that notification.



> Shopping Cart


By clicking on Cart icon, user can manage the items which they have added in cart.


User can manage the quantity of product, proceed to checkout by tapping on Checkout button and remove product from the cart by tapping on Remove button.
Note: By adding product into Wishlist it will remove from cart.


User can continue shopping by tapping on Continue Shopping By tapping on it, user will be redirected to the Dashboard and continue searching other products.



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