About MageMob App Builder



AppJetty offers a mobility solution to your users in the form of MageMob Mobile App Builder and helps them to access your store and place orders through their mobile on the go.


You must have extension for store owners, which allows their customers to place orders from their mobile. It is easy to download and quite user-friendly for your customers. Your customers can view your store and entire features on their mobile and place orders anytime from anywhere the search.



Benefits of MageMob App Builder


Allows your customers to carry your store with them anywhere.


Extremely user-friendly, simple to manage by the merchants and easy to navigate by the end users.


Increases customers outreach due to mobility and uniqueness of smart phone.


Increases the overall bottom line of the business, benefiting the store owners.


More satisfied customers due to store accessibility from iPhone and Android smart phones.


Improves customer satisfaction and enhances online visibility of your business.


Offline Synchronization for Add To Cart products


Add-ons: Compatible with AppJetty’s Zipcode Validator and Delivery Date Scheduler