About M2_Geolocation Redirect



Ready to localize your customers’ shopping experience? Do it with AppJetty’s Magento 2 Geolocation Redirect plugin. It is packed with features of store geo-localization, flexibility in redirection, store security, and more.


Our feature-rich “M2 Geolocation Redirect” enables you to offer your customers language-based localization and enhance their experience. Seamlessly broaden your business outreach through the features of multilingual and multi-currency support our Geolocation Redirect offers.




Benefits of Geolocation Redirect


Easy to Install and configure the Geolocation Redirect with Currency


Manage Multiple Domains
Create a language-specific domain and specify the countries for the same to redirect customers from all those countries to it.


Prompt to ask the user for switching the store with our popup for redirection
Give your customers the freedom to choose a specific store view by displaying the popup message.


Add Rules for Geolocation
Add the rules to manage the stores by selecting the countries and currencies.


Popup message to Visitors
Select the popup style to display the visitors when they access the stores from their region.


Block Request
Block the unwanted traffic visiting your store by selecting a particular country or entering malicious IP addresses.


Navigate to the Blocked Visitors
Select a popup message or navigate to a specific page to the visitor whose county/IP is blocked.






Admin should have a Magento Account.


Admin should sign up with the MaxMind Geolocation to get access key.


Admin should have configured the Stores and Currency Rates.