Layer Card

With every plotting records on the map, it would show each plotting as Layer menu.


Layer Card (Layer Menu) displays all plotted record of the entities in one place. [1]


From the ‘Layer Card’, you can hide/show the records on the map and visible/invisible the ‘labels’ of the pushpins.


When the records are plotted for more than one entity on the map, you can hide any entity for a while to check and manage plotted records of other entities without removing the entity.


Here the ‘Opportunities’ is hidden from the map. So, you cannot see the pushpins of the Opportunity entity on the map. [2]


By clicking on the Invisible icon of any entity, the icon will turn in to visible and you can view the labels of the records. [3]


By making the ‘visible’ icon of the Accounts, the label (name) of the accounts will be visible on the map.

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