Save Route

Also, the selected route can be saved for future reference. To save a route, click on the Save icon available on the top. [1]


By clicking on Save icon, it opens a dialog box where you need to provide a name to the route and user/team name to whom the route is being assigned.


Along with this, you can also define route date and priority. Priority can be set from Low, Normal and High.


By clicking on the Save button, you will be navigated to the Saved Schedule (Saved Routes). [2] [3]


You can preview the routes and delete any if it is not required. Routes can also be filtered based on Start date and End date by clicking on the “Filter” icon


You can also apply various filters on route by clicking on “Options” dropdown. Various filters related to Distance are: [4]


– Miles/KM

– Directions: Shortest Time/ Distance

– Avoid Highways

– Avoid Tolls

– Avoid Ferries

– Along the Route Search


Selecting Along the route search option prompts user to enter search radius and its unit.


By default, it can be managed from the configurations. This would search records within the given radius of plotted route and displays pin in different colors than that which are within the route.

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