Heat Map Templates

Once all the Heat Map is generated by selecting the Data sources of any entity, you can check the records in the Summary Card and save the heat map as a template. [1]


By clicking on the ‘Summary Card’ icon, you will get the total records with the data source details.


By clicking on the ‘Save’ icon, you can save the Heat map as a template for future use. [2]


If you want to replace with existing Template, click on the Update button, that will be replaced the heat map with new data sources.


To create a new template click on the Create new template button and it will be saved as template. [3]


By selecting the Is Public option the template will be shared with other team members (CRM Users).


The template that is assigned as a default template will appear in the ‘Template’. If you click on the Update button, it will replace with a heat map of the default template.


Now, by clicking on the ‘Templates’, you will get the list of the saved templates of the different heat maps.


To make a default template, click on the “+ ” icon, it will be set as default template and when you (or any CRM users) will navigate to the Heat map, it will load that default template. [4]


By clicking on the view icon, you can view the data source of that template on the heat map. You can also delete any unwanted Heat Map template by clicking on the delete


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