Map view & its options

You can plot the Entity records and perform the different actions and activities from the Map.


Map view options:


1. MappyField 365 navigation pane for Bing Maps, Google Maps and Configurations.


2. You will have five tabs (options) to view and search the records by selecting the fields and options:

-> Plot                   -> Routes             -> Templates                   -> Locations        -> POI (Point of Interest)


3. There are three Quick Navigation are provided:

Calendar View    -> Heat Map   -> Territory Management   -> MappyField 365 Configurations (default setup).


4. The options are:

-> Default Location  address details as per the ‘Map Configuration Detail’,

-> Search  a specific record/location,

-> Get help  related to MappyField 365,

-> Full View of MappyField 365 map.


5. Refresh the MappyField 365 map.

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