Tooltip Details

By clicking on any specific record (pin), you will get details related to that record based on configured from the backend. By clicking on that, the details of the Slider will open from the right side. [1]


From the records detail card from the slider will let you perform different actions related to the selected record.


For the selected record, you can set the direction by defining the Origin or Destination. [2]


You can Share & Assign the selected records by: [3]


> Sending Email

> Assigning Owner

> Add to Marketing List


Note: These action are present by default on record of every entity and these buttons cannot be changed.


There are some other actions that can be enabled/disabled from the Security Template. [4]


Other Actions :


 > Proximity Search

> Related Records

> Point of Interest

> Knowledge Article

> Delete Record

> Related Records


Note: Other than these, there are few actions buttons like Check in and Check Out that are dependent on the selected entity.

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