MappyField 365 inside entity record

You can enable the map of the MappyField 365 for an individual CRM entity record. You will get the records on the map inside the specific entity record from the DynamicsCRM backend side.


For that you need to configure the “Form” and the “Web Resources” for the entity. You need to follow the below steps to configure the map view inside the individual entity record details:


Navigate to the DynamicsCRM Settings à You will find the “Customize the System option” to create & modify the entity components. [1]


  • By clicking on “Customize the System”, a new browser tab (Power Apps) will open to configure the components. [2]


  • Click on the Entity (i.e. Account) ‘Forms’ to configure the map for the individual record.


  • Insert the Tab as per the layout that you want to be displayed. e. One Column. It will add a tab to the entity form. [3]


  • Once the new tab is inserted in the entity form, double click on the tab, a “Tab Properties” popup will appear. [4]


  • Insert the “Name” & “Label” for the form and press OK button.


  • Add “Web Resource” to the form that will display the map inside the tab of the entity record. [5]


  • Now, click on the “Web Resource” (double click), to configure the properties. Select the Web resource from the Lookup Records. Insert Web resource, Label, Name. [6]


  • Select bzmap_recordmap as Web resource. [7]


  • You need to select the “Formatting” for the Layout to adjust the calendar in the proper format. [8]


  • Now, Press OK to save the properties and then navigate to the entity record (account entity), you will find the dynamic map for the individual entity (Account) record.


  • You will get the new tab as configured. By clicking on it, you will get the dynamic map. You can check the map records for the individual entity records. [9]