By Drawing

You can plot the data by defining your own shapes. By selecting the Drawing search option, the drawing tool will enable you to draw the following shapes: Polygon, Circle and Square. [1]


For free drawing select the ‘Polygon’ shape, just by single clicking on the map drag the mouse cursor the shape will be drawn. You will get the records as per your drawing on the map.


When you draw the shape, you will get the real-time shape measure details as well. [2]


You can edit the drawn shape by selecting ‘Edit’ After selecting Edit icon, you can move the shape and increase/decrease the area of the shape.


You can remove the drawn shape by selecting ‘’Erase” icon and then click on the shape. [3]


You can change the fill color and the outline color of the shape.


The color picker option is given to change the color of both. [4]


You can also manage the Territory when the Drawing search option is selected, and records are plotted on the map.


For free drawing select the Freehand tool with which you can draw the shapes freely on the map and search the records you want.


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