Territory Management

To perform territory management, click on the Territory Management from the MappyField 365 navigation pane. [1]


Different search options available are By Region, By Drawing, By Territory, By File.


  • By Region: This option helps users to search for regions on the map i.e. City, County, State, Country and Postal Code.


  • By Drawing: This lets you draw a shape using custom drawing tool:
    Union, Union Aggregate, Difference, Intersection, Disjunctive Union. You can perform the actions like: Undo, Reset and After performing shape operation user can create new territory of that resulted shape.


  • By Territory: Using this option, you can plot existing territories on the map.


  • By File: This option helps in plotting shape files. Supported file types are .shp, .kml, and .geojson. You can also upload the CSV file of any region/location to create and manage the Territory. [2]


After plotting, using territory alignment tool, you can select/deselect territories as required on the map. Using alignment tool, you can select/deselect, remove  selection or refresh the map. [3]


Create New Territory: Select region/shape and right clicking on selected region, it would show option to create new territory. Clicking on Create New Territory would open a dialog box to enter territory name and select manager for a territory.


Here you will get the statics of the Accounts, Contacts & Leads under the No of Records. [4]


Combine with existing territory: You can also choose to add the new territory within existing territory by selecting “Combine with existing territory” option. After inserting new territory or selecting the existing one, click on Save button. [5]


You can also create and manage the Territory using By Drawing option.  [6]


You can add a new territory by clicking on the ‘Create New Territory’ or you can add to existing territory by selecting ‘Add to existing territory’ option. After inserting new territory or selecting the existing one, click on Save button. [7]


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