Entity Mappings

Navigate to Configuration -> Entity Mappings to display the entity with its relevant details on MappyField 365. From here you can add a new entity and configure its required details. [1]


By clicking on Entity Mapping, the list of entities can be seen which are already mapped.


Click on “New” button, this will open a new window for mapping an entity. [2]


Entity Name: Select the entity you want to map. You can choose from all the entities that are present in the CRM by default or the custom entities created by you. [3]


Link To: Check the link to option to link the selected entity to some other entity. After checking the box, you will get a list of relationships with which you can link the selected entity.


Activity Entities work only on Account, Contact or Lead addresses marked as regarding address.


Total Records: It displays how many records the entity contains.


Geocoded Records: It displays how many records are geocoded.


Address Fields: Select the address fields for the entity, to be used for geocoding. By default, it will consider map’s certain address fields. If needed they can be changed.


Automatically Geocode New Records: If it is checked, it geocodes the record automatically as per saving configuration.


Once you have filled all details, click on “Save” button. Entity will be mapped, and success/failure message will be displayed.