MappyField 365 section in Record Details

MappyField 365 is separately provided in the Details page of any record of all the mapped entities.


Click on any record of account entity. [1]


By clicking on the account name, you will get the summary and the details of that account and by scrolling down, you will get the separate ‘MappyField 365’ section.


On map there is a pin plotted based on the address entered for the record. [2]



To update the latitude and longitude of the record, you need to move the pin to the desired location. On moving, it would prompt a confirmation message. Click OK to update and continue.


You can update latitude and longitude using record map for records of Account, Contact and Lead Entities.


Along with that there are three action buttons: Proximity, Get Related Records and Refresh.


Find Proximity: Clicking on it, you can perform proximity search from that pin and find records nearby. It would show records based on entity selected from the dropdown. [3]


Refresh: This button would just refresh the map to default map type removing any action performed on map.


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