Configure Languages

You can also configure language of your choice by clicking on Configure Languages button available on Setup page.


Select the language from dropdown that you wish to configure your messages.


Here, you need to add translations for the messages in the language of your choice.


Click on Save button to save the language translations.


Note: To configure languages, user first needs to manage language settings from CRM. Languages that are selected in CRM can be listed for the MappyField 365.


Go to Settings –> Administration –> Languages to enable/disable the languages.


You can enable or disable multiple languages from the list. After settings the language, click on the Apply This allows you to change languages in Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Click on the Settings gear  icon at the top right of the screen, choose Options to open the Set Personal Options window.


Go to the Languages tab, select your user interface language, then click OK.


Once you select the language here, that language will enable in the ‘Configure Language’ of MappyField 365 Setup.




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