Security Template Configuration

The only System administrator or User with AppJetty MappyField 365 Admin role can create Security Template for other CRM users with AppJetty MappyField 365 User role. User admin can assign selected actions to different users using security templates for the different CRM users i.e. Sales Reps, Service Executive, Field Reps, etc.


From the MappyField 365 navigation panel, you will see the Security Configuration to give the accessibility of the map and functionalities.


By clicking on the “Security Configurations”, you will be redirected to the “Active Security Configurations” where you can add the new security template for the CRM users. [1]


With admin rights, you can add a new “Security Template” by clicking on the “+ New” button from the action ribbon or you can edit the existing template if any changes/modifications are required.


If you have admin rights, you can add a new security template. You need to insert the “Name” and change the “Owner”. [2] You can save the template or navigate to the “Action Configuration”.


Once the security template is created and configured, you can select it from the “Map Configuration Detail”. So, that configuration detail of the map will be displayed in the “Configuration Details” option.


By navigating to the Action Configuration, you can manage the different action options of the map by enabling/disabling as per the requirement.


You will see different action options as follows:

– Infobox Actions

– Bulk Actions

– Search Options

– Context Menu Actions

– Floating Button Actions


Infobox Actions


You can select options for Infobox action (detailed card) that will appear on the right when you or CRM users click on any pushpin (a record). [3]


Bulk Actions


You can enable the bulk options when you or CRM users perform such actions from the data grid view. [4]


Search Options & Context Menu Action


Search Options: You can manage the options that will appear to plot the records in the Plot menu. [5]


Context Menu Actions: You can manage the options that appear on the context menu when you or the CRM users right-click on the map. [5]


Floating Button Actions


Floating Button Actions: You can manage the advanced options on the map that appears on the left side. [6]


After managing all the options as per requirement, click on the Save option to save the security template or click on the Save & Close option and you will be navigated to the listing page of the security template.


Note: After saving the security template, it would enable the “Configuration Details” section from where you can directly assign that template to a user (Map Configuration Detail). Similarly, when you are adding a new map configuration detail record, you can also assign the security template as well.



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