Manage Custom Items

First, navigate to the “Manage Custom Items” to Insert the items by defining whether it is the title of the menu or any product name. Under the custom items, you can manage the individual items of the Mega Menu.

Add a new custom item by clicking on the “Add New Custom Item” button. By clicking on it, you will navigate to the ‘Add Custom Item’ page.

Name: Insert the relevant name of the custom item

Link Type: Select the type to link the custom item with it to navigate to the customers. There are three types:
“Custom Link”, “Category Link” and “Product Link”

CMS Page: Select the CMS page added under the Page Layouts.

Link: Insert the custom navigation link. If you have selected the “Custom Link” as Link Type, you need to insert the link.

Is Title: By selecting “Yes”, the added custom items will be available for parent selection while creating custom blocks.

Status: Enable/Disable the custom items as per your need.

Link Type:

1. If you have selected the “Custom Link”, the CMS page & Link options will enable. Select the CMS page and insert the navigation link.

2. If you have selected the “Category Link”, the Category list will open. Select the Category to navigate the custom item (product) under that category.

3. If you have selected the “Product Link”, the Product list will open. Select a Product from the list to navigate the customers by clicking on the Custom item.

Click on the “Save” button to save the custom item that will appear in Mega Menu.

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