Mega Menu configuration under Page Layouts

After configuring the Mega Menu sections by managing the Custom Items, Blocks & Menu Snippets, you need to configure and edit the Mega Menu content in the Page Layouts block.


Navigate to Theme FLARE -> “Page Layouts” under the Theme Configuration section. You will get all the designed page layouts as per the selection of the stores. Click on the “Design” button to select the required page layout for which you want to edit the Mega Menu.


Now, navigate to the page layout block editor. You can edit the Mega Menu by clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon of the header block.


By clicking on the ‘edit’ icon, the slider will appear from the right side to edit and configure the Mega Menu content & links.


Menu Configuration: To set W2P Store Mega Menu, you need to select the “Mega Menu” option. By selecting the ‘Default Menu’ option, it will display the default Magento Menu.


Add Menu: You can add more menu by clicking on the Add Menu button. By clicking on it, you need to insert the Menu name, select the ‘Link Type ‘, and Mega Menu that added under the ‘Manage Menu’ by configuring the snippet.


Edit Menu: You can edit the existing menu, by clicking on the ‘edit’ icon. You can edit the menu text caption, change the ‘Link Type’ and the ‘Mega Menu’ display.



Once you add a new menu or edit the existing one, click on the update button after add/edit the content.


By editing the content and configure the Mega Menu from the Page Layouts edit blocks, click on the Save Page button to save all the changes & updates. The customers will get the Mega Menu with the text caption that edited under the edit block from the Page Layouts.

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