Manage Abandoned Cart Notification

You can remind the customers about the products that are added to the cart but are still pending checkout. By navigating to MageMob App Builder → Manage Abandoned Cart Notification, you will be redirected to the list page.


You will see the list of abandoned cart notifications in the grid view which are already created. You will see the details like ID, Title of the notification, Message detail, Status, Time Interval, and Action options in the tabular format. [1]


By clicking on the Create Notification button, you can create a new notification for the abandoned carts. [1]


You will be redirected to the “Add Abandoned Cart Notification” page to configure the details of the notification. You need to configure the following fields and details: [2]


Abandoned Cart Notification Title: Insert the title to be displayed for the abandoned cart notification.


Abandoned Cart Notification Title For Multiple Items: Insert the title to be displayed when the users have multiple items in their cart.


For both types of notification titles, you can insert the dynamic variable for category and product so that the customers will get the category/product name in the notification. You can also add emojis for both titles.


Notification Message: Insert the relevant message about offers/discounts. You (/admin) can add emojis to the message as well.



Choose File: To add an image for notification, click on the ‘Choose File’ button and select the image which you want to upload.


Status: Select the status whether to be Enabled or Disabled.


Time Interval (Hours): Set the time interval to send the abandoned cart notification.
For example, if you have inserted a time interval of 4 hours, the abandoned cart notification will be sent to the customer whose cart is abandoned and still pending checkout for more than 4 hours.


How you send notification?: If you want to send the notification repetitively until the abandoned cart is cleared, you must select either Once for sending the notification or Repeat for sending the notification repetitively.


After configuring the abandoned cart, you need to click on the Save button to save the notification for the abandoned cart. You will see the newly added abandoned cart notification in the list.


You can change the “Status” of the notification and delete any unwanted notification from the list. [3]


First, you need to select the specific notification, and then from the ‘Action’ drop-down, you can delete the notification and change the status of the notification.


You can also select multiple notifications to perform such actions (Delete & Change Status). [4]