Order Export


Once the customers placed the orders, checking the order status and managing it is quite a challenging part especially if your work is manual. Shopify CommerceXpand- “Order Export” app will enable an automated process and streamline your order export processes with ease. Grab the latest orders from your online store and export into CSV or XLSX file.


The “Order Export” app provides the listing of the orders with the filtration of the records. By filtering the order records, the Shopify Merchant (Admin) can easily export the order records in a file. They can filter the order records as per the Fulfillment status.


Shopify Admin can configure the time duration (Frequency) and they can set the duration when they need to export their orders in a file and send it through Email or share it using FTP. Check the status of the exported orders with order count and the upcoming scheduler to export the orders.


Key Points of Order Export


-> Order listing in grid view with the FIlter options


-> Export the orders as per the Fulfillment status, Vendor, and specific date range


-> Setup the Auto-scheduler to export the latest orders as per the specific time duration


-> Generate CSV or Excel file as per requirement for auto-scheduler


-> Send the file through Email by configuring the Email details


-> Share the file to another system by configuring the FTP (File Transfer Protocol)


-> Check the scheduled Order export and upcoming order export



– Shopify Admin Login.

– Shopify eCommerce Store’s link.

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