Pre-Order Dashboard

By clicking on the “Pre-Order”, you will navigate to the Dashboard page, from here you can see the analytics regarding Pre-Order details. You will get the records of Dashboard analytics based on the Dates selection.


> Dashboard Analytics


There are 4-Dashboard Analytics are provided:


– Pre-Orders: It displays the numeric of the Pre-Order by the customers.

– Items Pre Orders: It displays the numeric of the Products that are pre-ordered.

– Customers: It displays the numeric of the customer who pre-ordered the products

– Amount Received: It displays the numeric of the Total Amount received from the Pre-orders.


> Pre Order List


You will get the Pre-Order list with such details as Order Id, Order Date, Customer Name, Product Name, Qty, Tags & Amount.


You can also export the Pre-Order list as CSV. There is a CSV button that is provided to export it in a CSV file.



> Date Filter


Based on the ‘date filter’, you will get the analytics for the Pre-Order records.


You can check the analytics by filtering the dates, Last 7 days, Last months, or selecting the custom dates.

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