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When the customers visit your store, they can Pre-orders the desired products even before stocks are available or before launching the products in your store. The customers will get the Pre-Order widget & its option as you have configured from the CommerceXpand app.


In this way, you can enable the Pre-Order option and continue selling the products from your store. If you are about to launch a new product and want to start Pre-Sales, you can enable the Pre-Order with a custom message when the products are In Stock or available in your store.


Checkout/Cart page


The customers will also get the Pre-Order caption on the Checkout/Cart page to identify the product that is added as Pre-Order. The caption appears as you have inserted in the Pre-Order Checkout Label from the Pre-Order Settings under the Display.



> Order at Shopify Admin side


Once the customers Pre-Order any products, you will get the Pre-Order tag on the listing page of the Orders from the Shopify backend. Navigate to the Orders.


You will get the orders with the preOrder tags from the listing page of the Orders in the last column.



In this way, the Shopify Merchant manages the Pre-Orders for any products that are out of stock or start selling even before launching the products to generate more revenue.

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