Create Bundle

Now, by clicking on the + Create Bundle from the ‘Product Bundles’ page or clicking on the Create Bundle tab, you can create a new Product bundle by selecting the products, applying the discounts, selecting the priority.


Bundle Name: Insert a relevant & eye-catching name of the Bundle.

Choose Bundle Products: By clicking on the + Add Product, you can select the required products to make as a bundle (combo).


– By clicking on the + Add Product, you will get the list of the enabled products to select for the bundle.

Once you select the products, you will get the “No. of product selection”. After selecting the products, click on the Add button to add the selected product to the bundle.


Note: You can select a minimum of 2 products and a maximum of 5 products to display as a product bundle/ product combo.


You can see all the selected products. You can also increase the ‘Qty’ of the products as you want to sell maximum products from the product bundle. You can delete the product by clicking on the ‘delete’ icon.


Set discount for the products:


You can set the discount by choosing any discount type: Fixed Amount or % Discount.


If you select the Fixed Amount, you need to insert the fixed amount. The final price will display after deducting the inserted fixed amount from the actual amount.


If you select the % Discount, you need to insert the percentage of the discount. The final price will display by calculating the inserted percentage and deducting it from the actual amount.


If you don’t want to provide any discount to the customers, select No Discount, which will display the actual price.


Note: You can also change the discount later by editing the bundle record from the “Product Bundle” list.


Priority: Set the bundle priority. If there is one product that is added into more than one bundle, the customers will get the Product bundle as per the highest priority set for the bundle. 1 is the highest priority and 5 is the lowest priority.


Bundle Message: Inset the bundle message to display to the customers regarding the product bundles.

Button Text: Insert the button text caption.


After selecting the products and inserting the details, click on the Save button to add a new product bundle.

Once you add the product bundle, it will display in the list of the Product Bundle.

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