Reviews: Quick Actions

Quick Navigation


You will get the navigation link of the product’s review page or product’s detail page just from the Reviewer Name details.


Review Actions


You can perform the following options under the Actions to manage the Review:


> Important (Flagged)


Sometimes the customers added the reviews with some good suggestions or worst comments so you need to understand the customer’s review, you can differentiate some of the reviews by marking them as an important review so, in the future, you can work on it.


For that, by clicking on the ‘Flag’ icon the review will be marked as an Important review.


Once you mark it, the Flag icon will turn dark. You can Filter the Important reviews by selecting the ‘Flagged Review’ from the Status. (Screenshot-2)


> View Review


You can view the review with the details by clicking on the ‘Review’ icon (eye icon). (Screenshot-3)


By clicking on the View icon, the popup will open where you can check the Name, Email, Rating (stars), and Review description as the customer added.


> Edit Review


You can edit the review if the customer has added some ‘harsh words’ or some irrelevant content that represent some negativity. By clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon, a popup will open to edit the Review.


> Delete Review

You can delete the review that no longer requires displaying on the store or the review that should not be displayed on the store. You need to just click on the ‘Delete’ icon.

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