GeoLocation Block

You can block unwanted users or traffic to your online store by inserting the IP address(es) manually and selecting the specific states & countries.

i.e.,  Suppose if you want to disable the online shopping from your store for a specific region, you can select the country and/or states under the Block Requests and block the visitors.


You can configure the following options for “GeoLocation Block”:


Block Request Text: You can display an alert message or any reason for not access to the site by inserting a text message.


Block IP: Enter the IP address that you want to block and then click on the Block IP button. The IP address(es) will be added under the “Blocked IP Addresses.


Block State: To block the States, first select a country, and then you will get the list of its states. Select the state and click on the Block State button. The blocked state(s) will be added under the “Blocked States” details.


Block Country: You can block the Country by selecting the country from the ‘Add Country’ drop-down list. Select the country and click on the Block Country button. The blocked country/countries will be added under the “Blocked Countries” details.


You can see the list of Blocked IPs, Blocked States & Blocked Countries and you can unblock the IP Addresses or Countries and allow the users to access them by removing them from the list later.

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