Send Survey

Navigate to a module from which you wish to send Survey and select the list of persons to whom the survey should be sent via Email or WhatsApp/SMS modules.


Now, select the contacts to send the Survey. Click on the drop-down arrow and click on Send Survey option from the menu.


A ‘Warning Message’ will pop up before proceeding with the activity of sending survey to the selected Contact(s).


On clicking Confirm button, a pop-up window will appear from which you can select the sending option for the Survey: Email / SMS / WhatsApp.



Sending by Email


As you select Email, a pop-up window will appear from which you can select an Existing Survey / Create a New Survey / Create Survey from Existing Template. You can select as per your need.


Now by clicking on Select Existing Survey button, the list of existing surveys will open having three options: Send, Send Later and Email Preview option.


As you click on Send button, the Survey will be sent to the selected contacts whose Email id is available.


You can also schedule a survey to send it later.


Click on Send Later button to set the schedule. Select the date and time on which you wish to send the survey and click on Schedule  button. The Survey will be scheduled accordingly.


By clicking on Email Preview button, you will be redirected to the Email Template of the selected Survey. You can edit if you want to update / change it.



Sending by SMS/WhatsApp


Similarly, you can send the Survey using SMS/WhatsApp directly to the users’ mobile number.


The process of Sending Survey link using SMS or WhatsApp will be same. As per clicking on Select SMS Number or clicking on Select WhatsApp Number button, the option to send the Survey Link will open with the selection option of Number and Field.


Now by clicking on Send Survey Link button, the Survey Link will be sent to the selected records.

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