For Desktop

By clicking on the ‘Sticky Cart’, you will get the Sticky Cart tab for the Desktop. Under ‘Desktop’, you can configure sticky cart action options and customize the style of the Sticky Cart icon. (Screenshot: 1.For Desktop )


– Enable Desktop Switch: You need to enable this option if you want to display the sticky cart for desktop users.

– Position on Desktop: You can set the position of the Sticky on the desktop screen. As you select the position, the sticky cart icon will change the position in the Preview, so you will see exactly where the Sticky cart will appear on your store (website) of the desktop screen. (Screenshot: 2.Set Position )

– Custom Top/Bottom: You can set the custom position at Top/Bottom level by inserting the percentage of the position. (Screenshot: 3.Set Custom Position )

– Button action on click: You can select the navigation (action) option that navigates the customers when they click on the Sticky cart icon. You can navigate them either to Cart Page or directly to the Checkout Page by skipping the Cart page. (Screenshot: 4.Select Action on Click)


You can configure the Style Settings for the Sticky Cart icon as per the store’s theme. (Screenshot: 5.Style Settings)

Style & Size of Sticky Cart

Style Settings: You can choose the Sticky cart icon that suits the store (website).

Button Size: You can set the button size large by scrolling right, and small by scrolling left.


Icon Color & Background Color of Sticky Cart (Screenshot-1: )

Icon Color: You can choose the Sticky cart icon color that is relevant to your store.

Button background color: You can choose the background color of the sticky cart button (icon).

– The color picker tool is provided for both “Icon color” & “Button background color” to customize the color. (Screenshot: 6.Color Picker)

Note: You will get the “Live Preview” as you configure the options and customize the style.

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