AppJetty provides an effective solution in the form of Survey Rocket – A SuiteCRM based Plugin which is helpful for entrepreneurs to conduct surveys.


It enables you to know your customers better by sending them a Survey questionnaire with several important questions; the answer to which can help you build better business strategies. Let your customers tell their preferences and provide them with an honest feedback about your services.



Benefits of Survey Rocket


Survey Rocket helps you to collect and store the valuable feedbacks of your customers. Given below are some of the benefits it can provide you with:


Customer satisfaction is the key to success. Survey Rocket helps you to bridge the gap between businesses and customers. It allows you to sneak into the hearts of your customers.


Get to know the value of your products/services and the improvements required if any.


Feedback could be helpful from marketing and sales point of view.


Create eye catching surveys with industry specific themes and prebuilt questionnaires which the customers will tend to fill up.


The survey questionnaires can have different answer types.


Generate various type of reports based on different statistics.





Following points must be followed before starting Installation.



You should login as an Administrator in SuiteCRM.


Check that your SuiteCRM Instance is compatible for Survey Rocket.


You must have a valid License Key Provided by AppJetty.


If you are installing Survey Rocket, make sure your SuiteCRM system doesn’t have an old version of Survey Rocket Plug-in installed. If any, you might have to uninstall that plug-in first.


Make sure that CRON is configured for the scheduler Jobs.


Set an Outbound email for your SuiteCRM system. Survey Emails use the SuiteCRM Outbound Email Account.


Note: If you are already using survey rocket and upgrading to a newer version, then you need to put your SuiteCRM system under maintenance mode (To avoid survey submission entries). Once the upgradation is complete, you can exit the maintenance mode.

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