Survey Dashboard Support

You can create dashboard having survey functionalities like question wise report, response report, send status report, survey status report, etc.


Survey Question report: By creating this dashlet, you will be able to view question report for that particular question.


Survey Response Report: By creating this dashlet, you can view response report for that survey. The details included last submitted survey, today’s responses, last survey send responses and the number of days that survey has been active.


Survey Send Status Report: By creating this dashlet, you can view send status for surveys which include published surveys, unpublished surveys and total surveys.


By clicking on published, unpublished, or total tab, you will get the list of published, unpublished, and total surveys respectively.


Survey Status Report: By creating this dashlet, it show an aggregated status report of all the surveys including submitted survey, viewed survey, not viewed survey etc.


To add new dashlet in dashboard, click on ‘Add a Row’ button and click on add(plus) icon to add dashlet for that survey.


By clicking on that, it will show you drop down box to select category for which you want to display as dashlet.


After selecting category, fill required survey details like survey name, survey question, auto refresh, chart type, etc. for that report.