Data Piping

Data Piping allows you to pre-fill your survey form with the existing CRM data. At the same time, you can also update your CRM records using your survey responses.


To enable Data Piping for your survey, check the ‘Enable Data Piping’ check box.


Now select a module from the following: Accounts, Contacts Leads or Targets


This will Pre-fill the data into the survey submission form and/or update the records in that module on survey submission by a respondent.


You can also create a new record in the selected module.


To create a new record in the selected module, choose ‘Create Records’ option from the ‘Sync Type’ field.


To update an already existing record or to create a new record (if no such record exists), choose ‘Create or Update Records’ option from the ‘Sync Type’ field.


Enabling ‘Data Piping’ will add a new ‘Piping’ in each question.


Now sync your survey questions with the fields of your selected module. To sync a question with a CRM field, navigate to the ‘Piping’ tab in that question.


There will be a ‘Sync Field’ dropdown with all the possible fields from the selected module. Choose a field with which you wish to sync the question.


While mapping fields with the survey questions, there might be some fields which already have some predefined values in it. A popup will appear to sync those values with your answer choices. Click on ‘Confirm’ to sync the values.


If Data Piping is enabled then you will have to include all the mandatory fields of the selected sync module in your survey. If all mandatory fields are not included, then an error message will appear.


Also, all questions with mandatory fields should be marked as required. If any of the questions with a mandatory field is not marked as required then a warning message will appear.


Click on ‘Confirm’ to make all such questions as required.


You can also disable Data Piping for a particular question. To disable Data Piping, check the ‘Disable Piping’ checkbox.


Once you finish syncing all the questions, save the survey.



Note: Once data piping is enabled for a module then mapping can be done only for that selected module. If you are changing the selected module after mapping the fields then you will have to remap the fields for the newly selected module.


Surveys with Data Piping are not qualified for Survey Automation.


Pre-filled Data will only appear for existing CRM contacts. If Data Piping is enabled for surveys which are shared online (Web links) then there won’t be any pre-filled data to display and records will be created (not updated) in the selected sync module.