Multi-Language Support for Survey

Translate Survey option allows you to translate a particular survey into different language provided by CRM.


To translate a survey, select ‘Translate’ option from the actions dropdown besides edit button.


Default Survey Language will be the CRM Default Language. You can add a language for translation by clicking on ‘Add Language’ button.


This will open a popup to add language. Select a language and the direction in which that language is written, from the dropdown.


Click on ‘Save’ Button and it will redirect you to survey translation page. This page displays all the survey components in the default language. You can enter the translated text for each of the components against the boxes provided.


To load data from the Default Language, click on ‘Load Data from Default language’ button.


Once you finish translating your survey, click on ‘Next’. This will redirect you to a page to translate default survey messages.


Translate all the messages in your selected language and click on ‘Next


This will redirect you to page where you can translate the Advance Contents of your survey like Survey Welcome Page, Survey Thank you page etc.


Once you finish translating all the pages, click on ‘Save’ button. This would display the translated text when a respondent selects that language while attempting the survey.




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