Survey Automation

Send surveys automatically through survey automation module. Create a workflow from survey automation module to send surveys based on certain conditions that you set. Set Actions to determine to whom the survey should be sent to.


Navigate to Admin Panel and click on ‘Survey Automation’ link.


Now click on ‘Create’ button to create survey automation workflow.


Enter a name for survey automation workflow, select an option from the dropdown to mention when the execution must occur, select a target module for the workflow and then select the type of records on which the automation must trigger.


Click on ‘Save’ button to save the survey automation workflow


Now, create conditions for the automation to trigger. When these conditions are met, the survey will be automatically sent to the chosen respondents.


To create conditions, click on ‘Create Condition’ button


Select parameters to set the conditions and click on ‘Save Condition’ button.


Now, set the actions to determine the recipients to whom the survey will be sent. Select the recipients associated with either target or related module from the dropdown. Select the related field for the chosen recipient type.


Select a survey from the dropdown and click on ‘Save Action’ button.

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