Page Layout Design

Choose a Template

From here you can design the Home page by choosing a Template and design the Block elements with drag and drop functionality.

Click on the Templates icon, you can see the three Themes under the Templates:
General (Template 1), Card (Template 2) & Apparel (Template 3).

Choose your required template for the selected page layout and navigate to the Block elements page to build and design the Web Page of the Store.


Now, by clicking on Block icons, you can set and manage the Header, Footer, different content blocks like Banner, Offers, Top Deals, and many more. You can also manage the blocks for social media like Blogs, Instagram feeds, testimonials, and other relevant blocks.

You can change and replace any block with drag & drop the block snippets on the web page. You can also edit the content of the Blocks by clicking on the edit icon of any block from the Web Page.

Now, you can manage and design the different Blocks for your website as below:

– Header
– Banner
– Top Category
– Offer Selection
– Feature Products
– Blogs
– Trending Categories
– Testimonial
– Newsletter
– Instagram Feeds
– Static Content
– Brand
– Footer

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