Manage Testimonials

All visitors are really interested to know what other shoppers think about your products and Web store and how they appreciate the store services, etc. By placing a testimonial, you will be able to show more user impressions of your store products.

You can add and manage the Testimonials to display on your website.

Navigate to THEME FLARE ⇒Theme Configuration à Manage Testimonial. You will get the list of the Testimonials in the grid view. From here you can search the Testimonial by filter options. You can enable/disable, edit any Testimonials, and delete unwanted Testimonials as well.

Add New Testimonial

You can add a new custom Testimonial by clicking on the Add New Testimonial button from the upper-right corner.

Add New Testimonial

First, you must Enable Testimonial status.

Title: Insert the title for the Testimonial. i.e. Insert the relevant person name.

Position: Insert the details of the person position in the company.

Company Name: Insert the Company.

Content: Manage the descriptive testimonial message to display on the Web site. You can add the text caption and design using WYSIWYG Editor or select the Widget or Images.

Live site: Insert the live URL of their Store.

Client Image: Insert Company Log or Client Portrait image.

Sort Order: Insert the Order number to display in sequence.

After inserting the details, Save the Slider.

In this way, you can add and manage the Testimonial and display on your web store by adding the Testimonial in the Web page of Page Layout design (Page Builder).

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