View Survey Reports

Once a survey is sent, you can view various types of Reports based on that survey which represents the status of the survey using charts and tables.


Survey Reports can be viewed by selecting the Analyse Report option from the list view or the detail view of the Surveys module.


To view survey report from the list view, click on ‘Analyse Report’ icon besides preview icon. Selecting the option, report gets opened for that survey.


To view survey reports from detail view, navigate to detail View of a survey. Click on the dropdown arrow and select ‘Analyse Report’ option. This will open all the reports for that survey.


Status Report displays a normal and trend report for user to select from. By default, normal report is shown.


Normal report has a pie-chart depicting the percentage of users who have submitted the survey and those who haven’t.


Trend report lets you view and analyze trends based on survey responses.


For trend report, there is a dropdown to view trend based on Day, Week, Month, Year. By default, it shows the period based on difference between the first response and last response received. Example: For gap of 6 days, it shows trend by day. If there is a gap of more than 6 days between the responses, it shows trend by week. If there is a gap of more than 4 weeks, trend report is shown by month and for gap of more than 12 months, it is shown by year.


Question wise report displays question summary report, that shows list of responses for each question.


Click on Normal tab to view chart and count along with percentage of the submitted data. Clicking on Trend tab you get trend chart of the responses received for each question.


Also, under normal tab, you can view different types of charts for the response data. To change the chart type, click on the chart icon available on the left in every question section and select the chart that you want to see. You can also view response statistics by checking the show stats option.


You can see different chart options like: Column Chart, Pie Chart, Bar Chart and Line Graph.


For matrix question type, different chart options are: Group Column Chart, Stacked Column Chart, Stacked Bar Chart and for NPS question type you get to view Meter Gauge by default.


Statistics Table includes data like Range, Least frequent, Most frequent, Mean, Median, Standard Deviation and Variance calculated based on response received.


Options to switch between normal and trend report or changing the chart type is available for closed ended questions.


For scoring enabled questions weight for each answer choice will be displayed along with average score for that question based on the responses.


Survey Reports are categorized into three types based on survey submissions:


Combined Reports – Displays combined report for surveys sent using shareable links and emails (Existing CRM Records)

Email Reports – Displays report for surveys sent through emails (Existing CRM Records)

Open Ended Reports – Displays report for surveys sent through shareable link (Existing CRM Records)



Individual Report displays the list of contacts to whom the survey was send. It displays the type of module, status (submitted or not viewed); survey send date and survey submission date.


A resend option is also available to resend the survey to a respondent.


You can sort the list according to modules or type of submission.


The results can be exported as an excel worksheet by clicking on the ‘Export Result’ button.


To view the detailed individual report of a respondent, click on the name field, and it will display complete set of answers of that respondent along with time spent on survey.


Along with the detailed report, you can also view history of the submitted answers by clicking on History button.


On clicking history button, you get list of all previous answers along with time and date for each particular question if there are any.