Volume Discounts Configuration

From the CommerceXpand navigation panel, you will see the different apps with different purposes to manage your online store. You can manage any apps individually to manage your online store.


Now, if you want to provide discounts on product purchases in bulk, you can configure and set up the offers in the “Volume Discounts” app. You will find the Volume Discounts app under the “Boost Revenue” section. Here, you will find the following different tabs to manage and configure the Volume Discounts:


– Settings: You can customize the cart message to apply the discounts on the purchase.


– Offer List: You can see the list of created offers for the volume discount.


– Create Volume Discount: You can create different discounts offers on Product’s Collections, Products, Product’s individual variants. You can select the percentage or fixed amount to apply the discount.


– Discount Table Design: Customize the discount table to display the offers (volume discounts) on purchase.

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