Offer List

You will see the list of the volume discount offers that are created. You can see the details of the offers in the grid view with details like current “Status”, “Offer Name”, “Offer Type”, “No. of Orders”, and “Actions” (Edit/Delete).


– Status: You can enable/disable any offers by clicking the switch under the “Status”.


– Offer Name: It will display the name that you have added in the “Offer Name” field during Volume Discount offer creation.


– Offer Type: It will display the option in which the discount offer is applied.


– No. of Orders: You will see how many orders are placed by the customers for the offers.


– Actions: You can change/update the offer details by clicking on the ‘edit’ icon. By clicking on the ‘delete’ icon, you can remove the offer from the list. You can edit all the details but you won’t have the option to change the offer type.

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