By clicking on the “Volume Discounts”, you will navigate to the Settings tab. Here, you can configure the store level settings and customize the cart message for the volume discount.


Disable Dynamic Checkout Buttons: To enable the Volume Discount for your online store, you must disable the “Dynamic Checkout Buttons” on your store. By clicking on here text caption, you will navigate to the “Dynamic Checkout Button” page to disable it.


Cart Reminder Message: Insert the message of a discount offer to display on the cart page until the cart amount equals the conditional amount. You can insert the ‘Liquid Variables’ in the cart message that will fetch the run time amount details on the cart page. i.e. {{ amount }} and {{ discount }}.


Text Color: Choose the text color of the message that will display on the cart page.

Background Color: Choose the background color of the message. You can choose the color as per your store’s theme color by using the custom color picker tool.


Font Size: Select the font size of the message that will be displayed on the cart page.


Cart Message Placement: If you want to display the custom message on the cart, you need to add the following line of code to the cart-template.liquid from the Shopify backend.

<div class=’cx-volume-upsell’></div>

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