How can I Change the Title of the Activity on Calendar 365?

In Calendar 365 the Title of your activities is shown on your activity in the calendar. By default, the Title Attribute will be the Subject of the activity. To change the title, click on the Activity of the Calendar. Select the Edit option on the top and change the Subject of the activity. Click on Update to save the changes. This way you can change the Title of an activity.

If you don’t want Subject as your Title Attribute, you can change that too. Navigate to the Appointments tab in the Configuration settings and change the Title Attribute.  

Title Attribute:

You can select the title attribute to be displayed as the title of the activity in the calendar. The ‘Title Attribute’ comes with the default selection of the Subject attribute. You can select only one attribute from the list of different attributes.

After configuring Title Attribute, click on the “Save” button to save the configurations. 

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